Widget “Drawer”

Extends Composite

A drawer that can be swiped in from the left edge of the screen. There’s only a single instance that can be accessed via tabris.ui.drawer. The drawer is locked by default. To use it in an application, set the property enabled to true. The drawer can contain any kind of widgets.

You can import this type like this:

import {Drawer} from 'tabris';

Or reference it directly form anywhere as “tabris.Drawer”.



Returns: this

Closes the drawer.


Returns: this

Opens the drawer. It may be useful to call this method on first startup, so that users notice the drawer and its contents.



Type: boolean, default: false

Controls whether the drawer can be opened and closed. When set to false, the drawer cannot be opened and calls to drawer.open() will be ignored.



Fired when the drawer is closed and has reached its resting position.


Fired when the enabled property has changed.

Event Parameters

  • target: this The widget the event was fired on.

  • value: boolean The new value of enabled.


Fired when the drawer is opened and has reached its resting position.


import {TextView, ui} from 'tabris';

// Enable the drawer and append a widget to it

let drawer = ui.drawer;

drawer.enabled = true;

drawer.on('open', () => console.log('drawer opened'))
  .on('close', () => console.log('drawer closed'));

let arrow = String.fromCharCode(8592);
createLabel(arrow + ' Swipe from left or tap here')
  .on('tap', () => drawer.open())

createLabel('Thank you!')
  .on('tap', () => drawer.close())

function createLabel(text) {
  return new TextView({
    left: 10, centerY: 0,
    font: '22px Arial'

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