A widget to display a text. For images, use ImageView. Includes Widget



Type: string, supported values: left, right, center, default: left

The horizontal alignment of the text.


Type: number, default: 1.0

The amount of space between each line of text. The lineSpacing property is a factor with a default value of 1.0.


Type: boolean

Allows for a subset of HTML tags in the text. Supported tags are: a, del, ins, b, i, strong, em, big, small, br. All tags must be closed (e.g. use <br/> instead of <br>). Nesting tags is currently not supported.
This property can only be set on widget creation. Once set, it cannot be changed anymore.


Type: *number Function*, default: null

Limit the number of lines to be displayed to the given maximum. null disables this limit.


Type: string

The text to display.

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