The object provides information about the application. Includes Events API

Example:"pause", function() {




  • path: string, the path of a resource relative to the application root.

Returns: string

Returns the URL for a given resource that is bundled with the app. Can be used to access app resources like images, videos, etc. Note that these resources can only be accessed in read-only mode.

installPatch(url, callback)


  • url: string, the URL to fetch a patch from.
  • callback: function, a callback function to be called when the installation has finished or failed. In case of a failure, the callback will receive a parameter error that contains an Error object. If the installation succeeds, this parameter will be undefined and a second parameter will contain the parsed content of the file patch.json from the installed patch.

Note: this API is provisional and may change in a future release.

Installs a patch from the given URL. When the patch is successfully installed, it will remain inactive until the application is reloaded.



Forces the running application to reload the main module and start over.


“backnavigation” (app, options)


  • app:
  • options: Object

Fired when the back button is pressed on Android. To suppress the default back navigation behavior, set options.preventDefault to true.

“pause” (app)


  • app:

Fired before the application goes into hibernation.

“resume” (app)


  • app:

Fired after the application returned from hibernation.