Tabris.js is a mobile framework that lets you develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows from a single code base written entirely in JavaScript or TypeScript and JSX. It provides access to native widgets and functions, delivering native performance and look & feel on each platform.

Bookstore example on Android Bookstore example on Windows Bookstore example on iOS

Tabris.js has been crafted with compatibility and extensibility in mind. The framework exposes various well-known JavaScript APIs such as Timers, Console, Fetch, and WebSockets. You can use existing JavaScript libraries from the npm ecosystem and Cordova plug-ins to access device functions that are not accessible by Tabris.js directly.

First Steps

You can try out Tabris.js without installing anything on your computer.

  • Install the Tabris.js Developer App on your device and browse through the included examples.
  • Play with the JavaScript code of a simple Tabris.js app online in the Tabris.js Playground.
  • Load your edited version in the Developer App by scanning the bar code on the playground page.

To start developing a real Tabris.js app, follow the Quick Start Guide. We also have an excellent ebook that explains how to create, deploy and test your first Tabris.js app.