Class “ImageBitmap”

Object > ImageBitmap

Represents an in-memory Image. Unlike ImageData it is immutable, but can be created from a number of sources via createImageBitmap.

Type: ImageBitmap extends Object
Constructor: private
Singleton: No
Namespace: tabris
Direct subclasses: None
JSX Support: No



Disposes the resources associated with this ImageBitmap. Should be called once the image is no longer needed to free up memory.

Returns: undefined

Static Methods


Creates a promise that resolves to a new instance of ImageBitmap. Also available in global scope.

Parameter Type Description
imageSource Blob
| ImageData
| ImageBitmap
| Canvas
The data source to create an ImageBitmap instance from.

Returns: Promise<ImageBitmap>



Native image height in pixel

Type: number
Settable: No


Native image width in pixel

Type: number
Settable: No