Cordova Plug-Ins Support

The Tabris.js API is primarily a UI/widget library, with some additional browser-inspired APIs. To provide features not covered by either of these, Tabris.js can be extended with Apache Cordova plug-ins.

The JavaScript API documentation of a Cordova plug-ins is also valid in Tabris.js, with one minor exception: It is not necessary to listen to the deviceready event before accessing plug-in API. All plug-ins will be ready when the applications main module is loaded.

Default Plug-Ins

While using the Tabris.js Developer App, your application can directly access the following pre-packaged plug-ins:

These plug-ins have been tested with Tabris.js and a demo can be found among the Tabris.js examples.

Please note, default plug-ins are only included in the debug version of an app. If you want to use them in the release version, you should add them via <plugin> tags in the Cordova config.xml file: Adding Plug-Ins.

Other Cordova Plug-Ins

To use Cordova Plug-Ins not part of the Tabris.js developer app you need to add them during the build process. You can either create a release-ready version of your own app, or a enhanced version of the developer app that contains the additional Plug-Ins (set debug mode to ON).

Most of the Plug-Ins will work out of the box but not all. This is because Tabris.js uses a native UI and no HTML5. As a result all Plug-Ins that manipulate the DOM will not work.

Plug-Ins that have been tested with Tabris.js are tracked as GitHub issues. If the Plug-In is confirmed to work the issue is closed. Please feel free to add issues for Plug-Ins that you tested.