Getting Started

Welcome to Tabris.js, the framework for developing native cross-platform apps in JavaScript. This guide will help you start developing Tabris.js apps in minutes.

What you need:

  • An Android and/or iOS device, connected to the same network as your development machine
  • A GitHub account to login on

Setting up the development machine

The following software needs to be installed:

  • node.js, npm
  • http-server (type npm install -g http-server)
  • A text editor or JavaScript IDE of your choice

Setting up the test device:

  • Download the Tabris.js developer app from the Google Play / Apple Appstore.
  • Start the app and log in with your GitHub account. This enables the “URL” tab.
  • If you need it, there is also a separate tutorial for the app itself.

Create your first app

Option 1: Setting up your project manually

Create a directory with two files:


  "main": "myapp.js",
  "dependencies": {
    "tabris": "^1.10.0"


var page = new tabris.Page({
  topLevel: true,
  title: "myapp"
new tabris.TextView({
  layoutData: {centerX: 0, centerY: 0},
  text: "My First App"

Run npm install in this directory to install the tabris module.

Option 2: Setting up your project with Yeoman

You can also use the Yeoman generator to create your project. It can not only create the basic files as described above, but also prepare your project for the build process and set up ES6 or TypeScript support.

To install Yeoman and the generator, use npm:

npm install yo generator-tabris-js -g

Once installed, cd to an empty project directory and run yo tabris-js. The generator will ask you a number of questions including the project name and version. The generator will also ask you if you would like to create a Basic JS App, ES6 App or a TypeScript App. This tutorial assumes you select a Basic JS App to get started.

Run the app

  • In the project directory, type hs. Let the server run as long as you are testing your app.
  • In the developer app, go to the URL tab and enter http://<development-machine-ip-address>:8080/
  • Tap Connect.

The developer app will now download the script and execute it on your device. Swipe from the right edge of the screen to open the developer console, which lets you restart the script or go back to the developer app.

Now you can start developing. You may want to have a look at the rest of the documentation and the Tabris.js snippets.

Publishing your app

For submission to the App / Play Stores you will need to bundle, brand and build your app, either using the free online build service or using local tools. This process is explained in Build your app.


Help us improve Tabris.js! Feedback is always welcome. Feel free to invite your friends if you find Tabris.js interesting.