Tabris.js is a mobile framework that lets you develop apps for iOS and Android from a single code base written entirely in JavaScript or TypeScript and JSX. It provides access to native widgets and functions, delivering native performance and look & feel on each platform.

Bookstore example on Android Bookstore example on iOS

Tabris.js has been crafted with compatibility and extensibility in mind. The framework exposes various well-known JavaScript APIs such as Timers, Console, Fetch, and WebSockets. You can use existing JavaScript libraries from the npm ecosystem and Cordova plug-ins to access device functions that are not accessible by Tabris.js directly.

First Steps

You can try out Tabris.js without installing anything on your computer.

  • Install the Tabris.js Developer App on your device and browse through the included snippets.
  • Play with the JavaScript code of a simple Tabris.js app online in the Tabris.js Playground.
  • Load your edited version in the Developer App by scanning the bar code on the playground page.

To start developing a real Tabris.js app, follow the Quick Start Guide. We also have an excellent ebook that explains how to create, deploy and test your first Tabris.js app.