Cordova Plug-ins Support

The Tabris.js API is primarily a UI/widget library, with some additional browser-inspired APIs. It is also compatible with many JavaScript libraries that do not require the DOM or native node modules. To provide features not covered by any of these, Tabris.js can be extended with Apache Cordova plug-ins. This is the recommended way to utilize platform-native features in Tabris.js.

The JavaScript API documentation of Cordova plug-ins is also valid in Tabris.js, with one minor exception: It is not necessary to listen to the deviceready event before accessing plug-in API. All plug-ins will be ready when the applications main module is loaded.

Default Plug-Ins

While using the Tabris.js Developer App, several plugins are pre-installed. Please see About page for details.

Please note, these default plug-ins are only part of the developer app published through the app stores, they are not automatically included when you are building your own app.

Other Cordova plug-ins

Since Tabris.js uses a native UI and no HTML, most other plug-ins will work out of the box but not all. Plug-ins that manipulate the DOM will not work.

To use Cordova plug-ins not part of the Tabris.js Developer App you need to add them during the build process and install the resulting app on your device. You can still side-load code if you build the app in debug mode. To do so use the --debug switch with the tabris build command or the “Debug” setting in the build service’ “Settings” tab. This enables the developer tool bar. (Assuming EnableDeveloperConsole is set to $IS_DEBUG in your config.xml.) The resulting app will then start with the source code from the git commit the built is based on, but the console allows you to load code via the CLI serve command.