The tabris-js repository contains dozens of self-running snippets demonstrating all features of the Tabris.js core module. These can be run directly from the Tabris.js Playground via the Tabris.js Developer App. The API documentation example links point to the snippets in the playground.

You can also run a selection of UI-related snippets directly in the app without the playground.

All snippets use declarative UI and ES6 Module Syntax. Most also use JSX, and some TypeScript. Therefore they require the TypeScript compiler if you sideload them from your own machine.

Databinding Examples

The tabris-decorators repository contains minimalistic databinding and redux examples as complete tabris projects. The ListView and ItemPicker widgets (high-level extensions of CollectionView and Picker) are also demonstrated only here. They are also linked in the databinding documentation.

The examples can be easily run without local setup via the GitPod links provided in the README.md files. A GitHub account is required. The READMEs also contain comprehensive descriptions for each example.

Most example are provided in TypeScript/JSX (the directories without postfix) and JavaScript/JSX (directories with -jsx postfix.) There are also a few plain-JavaScript (no compiler) examples (-js postfix).

These examples all require the tabris-decorators module.

Reddit Viewer

This example mimics a real-world app to browse reddit pictures. It utilizes a Mode-View-ViewModel pattern with TypeScript, databinding and dependency injection. You can also run it from GitPod.

Todo App

This example showcases a very basic but complete Redux based Tabris.js application. It mainly demonstrates how to use Redux in a type-safe way (therefor it uses TypeScript/JSX) and showcases a setup where remote redux devtools are installed in the app when sideloading only.