:point_right: Make sure to first read the introduction to data binding.

@getById (no parameter)

Makes the decorated property return the descendant with the same id as the property name. The following rules apply:

  • It only works on classes decorated with @component.
  • It is read-only at runtime. Attempts to set the property fill fail silently.
  • It will search for a matching descendant widget exactly once, after append is called the first time on the widget instance.
  • If accessed before children have been appended it will throw an error.
  • It will always return the same descendant, even if it is disposed or removed.
  • It will throw if there is no match, more than one, or if the type is not correct.


Where typeGuard is of the type value: any => boolean.

Like @getById, but uses the given type guard function to check the found widget, allowing widgets with a compatible API to be resolved as another type.